Originally from New York, Chanie came to Quebec to marry a Ste. Agathe rabbi. She is the founder and director of BMC the Bais Moshe Chaim Teachers’ Seminary in Ste. Aagathe. Unlike her students, who know almost nothing about celebrity culture, Chanie is intent on appearing on the Oprah show to spread the Hasidic message of love and happiness.



A beautiful 19 year-old emigrant from France to Israel, Hannah teaches at BMC. She is an articulate spokesperson of the Hasidic sexual mores and Laws of Modesty. “The relationship between men and women should be highly charged, she says. “In Judaism we learn that ‘life is good, and should be lived with intensity.”

Chaya Mushka


Chaya is an 18 year-old student from England. She decided to stop seeing her childhood friends because she was afraid she would lose her Hasidic ways hanging out with them. She feels badly about this sometimes, but is excited to be studying at BMC.



Rose is a smart, funny, 88 year-old Jewish grandmother with the personality of a Broadway diva. She lives by herself in a small three-room bungalow. She doesn’t believe in God or “any of that nonsense that the messiah is coming to save the day.” Despite this, Chanie sees Rose as her best friend and visits her daily, bringing her food and supplies which Rose distributes. Rose thinks Chanie is a saint, but often tells her that she is brainwashing the girls. “They don’t even know who Brittany Spears is. They’ve never seen television. They have no idea what’s really going on in the world.”

Rabbi New


Rabbi Moshe New heads the Montreal Torah Center. He is a sought after lecturer on Kabbalah and its relevance in our lives today. He is a brilliant teacher, wise and inspiring.

Rabbi Bernath


Rabbi Yisroel Bernath, known as “Montreal’s Hip Rabbi” is the spiritual director of the Monkland Jewish Centre — Chabad NDG and the Jewish Chaplain at Concordia University. 

Rabbi Bernath is the founder of, Montreal’s premiere Jewish dating service.