directed by
Abbey Jack Neidik

produced by
Abbey Jack Neidik
Irene Lilienheim Angelico

edited by
Jeremiah Hayes

executive producer
Mushka Lightstone

associate producer
Margaux Ouimet

assistant to producers
Brigitte Locicero

Abbey Jack Neidik

Margaux Ouimet
Mushka Lightstone

based on an idea by
Mushka Lightstone

treatment writers
Abbey Jack Neidik
Irene Lilienheim Angelico

narration writers
Abbey Jack Neidik
Jeremiah Hayes

Abbey Jack Neidik

original music
John A. Wilson

Adam O’Callahan – soprano saxophone
Stephen Olivera – additional guitar
Christina Julien – voice
John Wilson – multi-instruments

music recording engineer
Mingo L’Indien

music supervisor
Jeremiah Hayes

With the financial participation of
The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

with the collaboration of

principal director, television news
Jean Pelletier


Margaux Ouimet

assistant editor
Martin Nault

additional camera
Jeremiah Hayes
Nissim Belma

video post-production
Digital Cut Montreal

online editor/colorist
Patrick J. Clune

post-production sound
Studio Harmonie

Éric Tessier

sound editor
Éric Tessier
Ronny Cabal

narration recording
Charles Théoret

production accountants
George Highfield
Gerry Vininsky

special thanks to
Chana Carlebach
Rabbi Moishe New
Rabbi Yisroel Bernath
all the students at the BMC Seminary
the town of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts
Sybil Dorfman, Mordechai Lightstone and Sefira Ross
Toben Neidik, Michael Lilienheim and Sally Tessler
Georges Amar and Michel Scheffer

with appreciation and thanks to
all our participants.

dedicated to
Moshe Chiam Carlebach
Bernard Abraham Dorfman

to my grandmother
Jennie Rishikof (Bauby)

Produced by
logo DLI Productions
© DLI Productions Inc. 2013