Interesting movie; I think it tells you a lot about the role of Hasidic woman in their family. I liked when the 2 groups of women of different cultures came together to ask questions and to find out about different mentalities and stuff… there’s always things to learn from movies like this!
7/10 greg64k

This movie will make you rethink all your previous conceptions concerning the role of woman in the Hasidic community. It’s a powerful, terrifically edited film that will keep you captivated from start to finish. It’s an honest attempt to offer a glimpse into the lives and philosophies of this often misunderstood branch of Judaism and will leave viewers with a great deal of food for thought and discussion as well as the ability to draw your own conclusions.
9/10 morley

Shekinah is absolutely remarkable! A fantastic film that opens the door to the Hasidic community. I learned so much from the film. Thank you for this incredible masterpiece!
10/10 onlygood

A good movie; it’s one of the movies that answers some of the questions that you wonder about if you are not familiar with the world of Hasidic Jews, specially women. Interesting and educational.
7/10 zoriguy

If only for the sake of expanding one’s knowledge and understanding of the religious, Jewish people, this movie is profoundly important. For the sake of destroying misconceptions about what religious Jews are about, this movie is essential. For the sake of creating good will among diverse cultures, this movie is healing.
9/10 mirele.c.rosen

I love this film so true to life and so inspiring, I know the people on the film and it is just a fraction of what they do keep it up.
10/10 odelia1420

I went to see the film at Cinema du Parc. It was absolutely incredible! It’s really a fantastic film.
10/10 sarab3

Well done, perfect timing here in Quebec when a lot of questions are being asked and many answers given about “the others”, the ones that are misunderstood because they are unknown… This candid presentation simply shows what this hasidic community believe in and why they do what they do. It is not about believing or not, it all about showing what they are and where they stand. The film sheds some light on a lot of speculations based on a lot of ignorance.
9/10 execco

A rare glimpse in to a community we usually only see from far. Tastefully done, yet answers most questions.
9/10 leilaleila

With extraordinary access, director Abbey Neidik has crafted a film that brings us into an unknown world. Viewers will be touched by the young women in this film… and their teacher, who is nothing short of a wonder woman! Shekinah is a bridge-builder and a call for tolerance. A must-see documentary!
10/10 ina

This was the closest look into the hasidic community I have ever seen. A real eye-opener about these people, especially women. Who knew they were so active and independent! I hope they do more panel discussions like they did at Outremont Theatre.
10/10 vonwitzleben

Shekinah is a beautifully-made documentary about the very private lives of a group of young ultra-orthodox Jewish women. In this stressful period of Pauline Marois’ Charter of Values, this was like a breath of fresh air. It re-awakened my delight of living in Québec – and revelling in our multi-cultural word. When the young Québécoise in Ste-Agathe showed her enthusiasm to finally get to meet her cloistered neighbours, I had tears in my eyes. The editing and the music were great. The narrator was superb. All in all, I felt the movie was well-worth seeing.
8/10 michael

Movies are meant to tale you where you don’t go in your daily life. Shekinah not only brings the viewer into another world, it’s an intensely private, and even secretive one. Amazingly, the filmmakers got intimate access to young, vibrant, beautiful Hasidic women at the point where they are embarking on their adult lives, dreaming about the futures, speaking openly about love and marriage.
9/10 takeshi

This film provides unprecedented access to the intimate lives of a group of Hassidic girls on the cusp of womanhood. This is a rare glimpse into the lives of people who are our co-citizens, yet whom most of us know all too little about.
9/10 g.weynerowski

I learned a lot from this film.
10/10 tm_wolf

The women in Shekinah simply glow with purpose and happiness. The film’s director reveals an alternative way of seeing life and relationships that is fresh and thought provoking.
9/10 wendy

The women in this film are truly inspiring.
8/10 blocicero

Excellent film! Excellent Editing!
10/10 wilburblain

Shekinah is a glimpse into the world of Hasidim. It’s provocative and stimulating. It’s not just a great film, it stands in a league of its own. You must go see it!
9/10 y

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