Shekinah Study Guide

Shekinah: The Intimate Life of Hasidic Women is now Available on DVD for University, College and Grades 9-12 for library and classroom use. See Store section for purchases.

Shekinah Study GuideAbout the study guide:

Shekinah provides a rare look into the private and intimate lives of Hasidic women, and as such is likely to generate a lively classroom discussion. The study guide is meant to help both students and teachers navigate some of the complexities surrounding the introduction to a new or unfamiliar religion. The emphasis of the study guide is on acquiring more global and tolerant attitudes toward people and communities who do not believe the same things as, nor behave like, the dominant culture.

Pre-viewing questions help set the stage for the film, while post-viewing questions challenge the class to think critically about the subject matter at hand. The study guide is accompanied by some basic resources, additional information, and suggested research topics, making it a valuable teaching tool.

Educational Screening

High School Screening

Outremont Theatre: October 24th, 2pm

Followed by a Q&A with the film’s director and film participants.

If you are interested in bringing your classroom to this screening
please contact us at or call: 514 691-5350

* We are offering teachers free entrance, as well as a study guide for classroom use.